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Thread: Ambushed?!

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    I ran through some other tips on Ambush mission..but for some reason..the tips always assume I am farther along in the mission than I've reached...Now I know there's gotta be away to do this without retreating to the duast off point.?!..Mayday!

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    Wardog where are you at in the mission? No matter what you do in that mission you will have to retreat to the beach. But I'd be gald to help you out if your stuck on a certain part

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    Sorry, but what are your mission objectives in Ambush? I can`t remember, it`s been a while...
    Red Hammer or the original campaign?

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    if your talking about the mission i think you are (single mission #2) then no you dont always get forced to the beach, it only forces you to retreat because of the tanks if you enter the town.
    If you stay on the outskirts, say 50-100m out and kill all occupants from there then the re-inforcements wont arrive followed by the tanks

    hope this helps

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    I guess getting "out alive" and retreating to the beach isn't the defeat I thought..I've since made it past tehis mission and curently getting my chopper basics down...

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    Wasn┬┤t that the first SP demo mission too? Scary for being an introduction to the game ***

    Ah-ah-ah-ah staying alive, staying alive ***

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    ah ah ah ah damn 2 is down. 2 is down..

    Is it me or did this mission seem easier when it was a demo?

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    from what i hear, it was easier in DEMO. less tanks.
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    I know iv beaten that mission before without having to retreat to anywhere. I think its contigent on how many squad members you have left by the time you reach houdan.

    I'v done it before with about 7 squad members still there by the time we reached houdan and all we had to do was clear the town of infantry and we won. But then, i just got done playing it through again and had about three mates left by the time we reached the town and we got forced out by tanks.
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    what i think it is after doing some experimenting is a trigger zone around the town, enter it and it sets off the tanks, dont enter it, they stay put...

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