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Thread: SP - WORKHORSE (A random generated Chinook transport mission)

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    Thumbs up SP - WORKHORSE (A random generated Chinook transport mission)

    A random generated Chinook transport mission.

    Howdy! Here's my first SP mission. Feedback is welcome, of course.

    Named after this picture, inspired by BIS's BAF Merlin mission.

    Thanks to:
    madbull (for his great R3F Logistics script)
    The guys in the editing section for their great help

    Each time you start this mission you will get 5 random tasks at random positions. Your shift starts in the early morning, after 3 tasks we skip to a random time of day and change the weather to a random value.

    There are 31 tasks, each task has at least 6 hand-picked positions. You start at the Rasman Airbase, the tasks are spread across the whole country of Takistan. Missions are: Troop transports, Evac's, Cargo and vehicle transports and some special missions...

    Including a mission manual in-game (Notes).

    For those who know how to extract a PBO file: There's a Settings.sqf file where you can change a lot of mission settings.

    Some Screenshots
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7

    Complete review of the mission Thanks to PlumpHelmetPunk for the video!


    I also recommend:

    TeTeT's Chernarus Mi8 conversion of this Mission

    Vanilla: ArmA 2, Operation Arrowhead, BAF (lite) and PMC (lite)
    ACE: ACE, ACEX and CBA

    Vanilla <> ACE
    The ACE version makes use of the ACE lifting ropes. Besides of that the versions are identical.
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    Sounds good. I'll give it a shot, or several.

    I can't recall the official name, but this sounds exactly like my favorite mission in the SP senarios that came with the original ArmA 2 CO.

    I'll report back in a couple when I've had time to try it out.

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    As a flyboy ingame I will have to try this out! Good job mate.

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    sounds great, definitely going to try this one
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    yeah , love the sound of this one

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    Will give this a try, thanks for sharing.
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    Nice work, sxp2high. Thank you.

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    Hi...welcome everyone.

    I love this mission, nice work...
    I'm a big helicopter entusiast, and i was wondering how would i change the chopper to uh-1y? Or could you maybe do that? and post another version..?

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    Hi H3ricH,

    glad you like it.

    It's basically not a big deal to change the chopper type ...


    I'm afraid some tasks will be broken then... because the venom does not have enough space for some of the transport missions. And the realism, the Venom cannot lift HMMWVs for example.

    So i would have to filter those missions out. I'm not sure if i want to do this. Hmm... Let me think about it.

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