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Thread: Clafghan Map 20x20 Beta Release

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    hey that looks realy great ...many details,looking forward

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    Woah! Great map man.

    It's just one problem: Opx stuff. It's bugged, You can't play the maps using his objects online...

    I'll see if I can find a hero that will fix it's cfgs.

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    Looks amazing, mate! Best of luck on your progress.

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    Looks awesome, I hope it get finished.
    I have to agree with stagler, the use of OPX might draw some people away, maybe use OA buildings instead?
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    Map looks amazing. OPX personally doesn't bother me, they provide good FPS and don't look bad at all.

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    Looks awesome.
    Thanks for making this map.
    kind regards
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    Originally Posted by walker
    Took out myself and two other squad mates bouncing a grenade off a wall.

    Originally Posted by CarlGustaffa
    Bah, I've done that since OFP I can't hit a barn when I'm trying to. But with nades, I can hit a barn when I'm not trying to

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enad View Post
    Looks awesome, I hope it get finished.
    I have to agree with stagler, the use of OPX might draw some people away, maybe use OA buildings instead?
    Nah , I say put your creative vision before some petty complaint about downloading an addon. The OPX buildings wide spread and worth pushing, many people already have them and they are not that difficult to obtain.

    Screens are looking gorgeous btw. This is definately one to watch over the coming months.

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    Looks fantastic, lots of detail, deffo cant wait

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    Definitely looking forward to this map. Screenshots show a great promise.
    Many moddie maps suffer from the eternal problem of dull plain terrain and unnaturally looking towns (with copy-pasted districts and buildings placed at 90 degree angles to each other) which make you ask a question "people live here?". But these screenshots give me a different impression.

    It's also great that you decided to use Chernarus skies. They add that special atmospheric touch seen on those screenshots.

    Quote Originally Posted by colonel stagler View Post
    Why use OPX addons? Not that im criticising because I have them anyway but it will drive most people away.
    OPX addons look cool and fit very well with Takistani stuff. If the map maker will provide them in the map download I don't see any problem for people too lazy to download a single addon.

    The only downside is that, unfortunately, AI can't use OPX buildings.
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    Guess two years post-release aren't enough to make ArmA3 at least half as dumbed down.

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