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Thread: CTF script packet and mission template

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    CTF script packet and mission template

    CTF script-packet and CTF Missiontemplate

    part of the reamde:

    __________________________________________________ __________
    CTF script packet
    __________________________________________________ __________

    by: Psychobastard
    version: 1.01
    date: 03.04.2011
    build with: arma2oa v1.59

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________________

    What do it?

    With this script packet you have only to build your map in the editor.
    That means simply object placing on every island or location you want. After that
    only you have to copy&paste the whole script packet into your created directory.
    (Include init.sqf, etc.... your only own data is the mission.sqm!!!)

    For who is it?

    This packet is expecialy for those people who havent many experience with scripting
    but like to build their own ctf missions.
    But also seasoned persons can use it for realy fast map creating cause it contents
    all what is need (and a little bit more ;-).

    Whats the advantage of this packet?

    1. fast mission creating
    2. high performance
    3. easy using and configurating (with an setup data)

    Overview about the main functions and content of the scrip packet:

    - standard lobby parameters (time, maxscore, ...)
    - count flagpoints and flagtouches correct
    - automaticly generated outro sequences
    - integrated anti-cheating system
    - visual ingame overview about the actual mission state all the time
    - visual event-info system
    - easy mission-configurator system
    - pre-configurated settings (different custom flag settings f.e.)

    ----------------------------------- How to use ---------------------------------------

    1. extract the ctf_template.rar to your missions or mpmissions folder

    2. open it in the arma2oa editor

    3. - create your map (place objects)
    - you didnt need flags... all needed ctf objects are already content in the packet

    4. open the folder of your mission and configurate the "setup.sqf" and
    "setup_description.sqf" how you like it
    (you do not need to open and edit any other data!!!)

    5. optional: place your own special scripts in the main directory and start them from
    the marked position in the "init.sqf"

    6. your mission is ready for release!


    <<<< DOWNLOAD >>>>

    pls read the hole readme for detailed informations how to use this script packet. the packet contains of the script packet and 2 ready ctf missions with the script packet.

    nice day
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    update to v1.02

    fixed: dead bodys didnt delete
    fixed: setup parameter __CTF_BLOOD__ didnt work
    added: option to set the killcam on/off
    improved: more performance in main ctf scripts
    improved: restructured files

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