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Thread: FDFmod 1.0

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    A breaking news. Congrats!

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    And, nice one with the torrent guys

    I'll be seeding for sure
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    More than unexpected release to me. The greatest OFP mod made it to ArmA2. Thx a lot guys!

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    Hyvä Juttu! Kiitos paljon

    Long awaited mod, thank you very plenty!
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    Thank you very much great stuff
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    I tried really hard to shoot things with Apilas but I always missed, but then I realised rockets have no ballistics. They just fly straight, just like in Arma 2. Not really happy with that. Also no backblasts.

    Jaeger platoon attack single mission bugged, I managed to secure the railroad but mission never ended.

    I do love new units and familiar weapons, but I guess I hoped more than just units and missions especially when there's the ACE mod. Gonna try to run FDF+ACE, hope it works

    edit: and it works. This is awesome!
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    I hate this release.. in all areas it make the SFP look like shit, textures, models, quality, (I LOVE THE WINDOWS! ), so what am I gonna do now? quit? Damn you fdf
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    Quote Originally Posted by pAuthority View Post
    edit: and it works. This is awesome!
    Tried it quickly myself and it seemed to work but I guess its not 100% functionality? Anyone with more insight that can confirm/deny?

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    At least 66 KES 88 worked right away with ACE configuration, sight adjustment and backblast.. altough empty weapon on the ground changed into M136 :P There may be other bugs as well but so far it seems to work nicely. Tank damage model propably doesn't work on FDF vehicles.
    edit: all disposable weapons seem to revert to M136 after firing, ACE's fault. I guess I'll just have to get used to those arcade bazookas then.
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