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Thread: Building class objects: Proxies impossible?

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    Building class objects: Proxies impossible?

    I got a problem. It looks like A2 engine cant display proxies on building class objects. For example, if I have a vehicle that has too many vertices so the engine cant render it, I simply move certain parts of the model to a proxy in O2. This works perfectly. But on building class, it doesnt work. Do I have to enable the proxy in cfg, or its simply impossible?

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    Has to work I think, because BIS's own buildings use proxies .... chairs, tables, other stuff inside buildings.

    Attract -Martin- to this thread or PM him, to see how he went. He and I were discussing this problem a while back, but don't know/remember the result.

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    big question, when you look on the building, is it after its been put ingame by visitor or placed in the editor? Got the same problem and my own thread..
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    I work with Mandoble on a SAM system. The launchers have no crew, so they are building class objects. They are controlled by scripts. The problem is that the 3d model has too much vertices, so the engine cant load it. I tried to move a few parts to a proxy, but ingame I didnt see these parts of the model.
    Anyway, are linked animations possible on building class objects? For example, the hydraulics of the launcher should move when the launch rails elevate. This works perfectly on vehicle class object, but Im afraid they dont work on buildings.

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