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Thread: Community Modding Bible

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    In case you missed the diffs for the version updates:

    Current active projects: None

    Maintained/assisted projects: IFA3, Blitzkrieg

    Help: Got a crash? Report it! What is the RPT log file?

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    Updated repository with ToH 1.01 (release version):

    The AIO and SQF list might be useful to some.

    ToH 1.02 will be available later today or tomorrow.

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    Not spotted this before, great idea, bookmarking

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    Updated ToH files to 1.02.

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    Updated OA files to 1.60.
    Updated A2 files to 1.11.
    Updated ToH files to 1.03.

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    You also find beta patch changes for OA and ToH there:

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    TKOH updated to 1.04 RC1:

    Note: some files were already updated during beta patches like the SQF list.

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    TKOH updated to 1.05 and added AIO for the Hinds DLC:

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    Added stuff for A3: https://dev-heaven.net/projects/cmb/...tory/revisions

    • Added: A3 alpha AIO.
    • Added: A3 alpha SQF list and new command list.
    • Added: A3 alpha rvmats.
    • Added: A3 alpha scripts.
    • Added: A3 alpha configs.

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