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Thread: Realistic handling & suspension on wheeled vehicles

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    No, tanks are fine, especially when driving uphill. You won't get a min30ton tank(T55) to go up a 50* slope at 20kmph. It is simply impossible. I think that the current 7-13kmph is too fast too. I mean if they would go that fast, their gearboxes would break after a couple hours of use.

    As for everything else, I did not ask for the VBS2 to be made into ARMA2. Just some basics, like normal physics, armor penetration and damage.

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    As said before ;I rather be in a submarine than in a car:Even if I can go anywhere in a car,I`ll pick a sub sence it wont be able to go places that are impossable for it and the car wont be drivable there really in real life.Not to speak of the stupid wheel,3 turns
    to and impossable to turn accuretly or park where you want it-a huge let down when i first see it.

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    I don't want Arma to become the next need for speed, however the car handling is abysmal. Stray a single inch from the road and you drop 90% of your speed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max Power View Post
    Let's also consider that while OFP: DR was a game with an engine designed with racing games in mind, that their vehicle physics were also quite hilarious. Perhaps once a game gets past a certain complexity, there's a wall you hit in terms of cycles you can spend.
    well, most racing games have hilarious physics too. good physics should be perfectly possible, especially for a human driven vehicle, just look at a game like richard burns rally, that only needed a pentium III and is a great sim.

    we'll see what physX does to the vehicles, I have high hopes.
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    Would be nice to have slightly better handling. Tanks are somewhat annoying the AI refuse to use them correctly, driving full speed and coming to a complete stop by doing some crazy spin when stopping and then spinning on the spot doing some crazy wtf driving skills. Vehicles with wheels are alittle less crazy but just dumb, AI getting stuck because they cannot work out how to do a 3 point turn and get stuck in an endless cycle of forward back forward back... Not only that but there seems to a be very low gravity vehicles can jump insane distances and seem to float over rough terrain. Theres also an enormous lag on the steering for wheeled vehicles.

    Better Handling for vehicles definitely, and no it doesnt have to be like rfactor or gtr2 or any other racing simulation out-there but should be improved to be somewhat more comfortable to use.
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    TakeOn Racing perhaps?
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