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Thread: Have a go Granny beats up six armed Jewel thieves

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    Have a go Granny beats up six armed Jewel thieves

    Hi all

    More for those who are not from the UK as this on the UK news. A have a go granny attacked and defeated a gang of six jewel thieves breaking into a high street jeweler armed with sledge hammers. The granny attacked them with her handbag.


    One was arrested at the scene after the granny forced him off his getaway motorbike, 3 more have been arrested since.

    The granny with her serious and focused aggression would make an exceptional soldier, the thieves err less so.

    Kind Regards walker
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    Now that Lady is great. A shame that she had to go first before the other People started to do something
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    With young people watching, the generation that knows how to deal with punks steps forward for some pre-PC policing
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    How much you wanna bet she's gonna be charged for this?

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    I just get "Sorry this video could not be found" after a short loading screen.

    Reminds me of another crazy old lazy that used to live down the road from me, she attacked a robber in her home that had a pistol.
    Him and his two friends ran away from her, the guy with the pistol was hit by a car and killed running over the freeway. The other two were arrested later.
    It's good when justice happens

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    I've seen this "super granny" on Sky News and just watched in disbelief when she started smacking them around while they were stealing Breitling watches from the shop window...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Concurssi View Post
    How much you wanna bet she's gonna be charged for this?
    Yeah lol thats the UK for ya!

    Yeah IceBreakr i'd just seen it on there 2 hrs ago -Super Gran to the rescue!

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    Yet another white-knight who parachuted himself into the thread without using the search function.

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    Pay attention, video games. Stats don't matter in combat; it's all psychology.

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    video for those not in the UK.

    Anyway, i think this was more a case of the robbers being polite enough not to hit an old lady. Still pretty cool though.

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    Can you imagine how embarrassed all the men on this street are?

    What's it like to watch a 70 year old lady with bigger balls than you. It must really suck.

    I note however the Granny has not been charged with assault. Which makes a refreshing change.

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