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Thread: Dc-10

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abs View Post
    I suppose it would depend on how close you are to the rivet, no?

    Personally, I've only used 1px lines too, but if your UV map has a section that's particularly large for extra detail, I could see this coming in handy.

    But hey, I'm an amateur texturer, so I don't know much.

    There comes an inconsistency issue, basically you have to be careful that all sections of the aircraft that have the same scale on the uvmap (easily checked with the checker map, all squares same size) otherwise rivets and panel lines would have different thickness all around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max Power View Post
    Well, not on every aircraft. The the advantage of that would be for those aircraft that don't have flush rivets. As I'm building up the bump map for my helicopter, I notice that some are somewhat flush, some are not so flush, and some are not even close to flush (like giant screws sticking out everywhere). I guess the application of topas's technique would be in the case that the rivets were not flush.
    the rivets you refer to are not the standard, but the reinforced rivets for high stressed areas. Btw also depends on the materials used.

    the flush rivet is called the countersunk, the slightly rounded is the universal and the completely rounded is called round head.

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    I think in the case of the helicopter, the giant screws are also used for access panels. On this helicopter the rivets don't seem to be sunk as a rule. It seems like they thought that 150 knots was fast enough. At any rate, on your texture, your rivets and panels look good , which is why I was shocked when you said they were all photo blended textures. I've made off angle uv unwraps to capture texture and detail information off of photographs before, but textures made like that are a lot of trouble.
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    military vehicles have a completely different regime. Better engines (higher power/weight ratio, but worse fuel efficiency) allow for cutbacks in aerodynamics in favor of reinforcement for tighter maneuvering.


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    Will all the hydraulics etc be animated?
    Oh man... I just want to see this beauty in game

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    those tires look good

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    Wow, don't think I've ever seen tires on any vehicle so detailed o_o I mean you can see the wear and pavement residue on them. Anything else people just make grey or something but wow xo Nice detail. Almost looks like you can see the pebbles from the runway stuck in there too xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zipper5 View Post
    That was admitted to being fake by BIS. Staged just for that shot in the video, which was the NAPA trailer.


    Anyways, enough offtopic from me now that we've sorted it out I guess.
    Someone help me out here... I don't see any trains in this video?
    (Sorry to be offtopic)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryguy View Post
    Someone help me out here... I don't see any trains in this video?
    (Sorry to be offtopic)
    At 1:07, top left corner, right above the "CAM1..." text.

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