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Thread: Infantry and lightpatrol only ?

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    Infantry and lightpatrol only ?


    Here is my problem:
    I would only light vehicles and infantry units but not heavy vehicles
    I modified the files teams, squads, structures, etc. ... in Common \ config my mission by blocking the constrution of heavy vehicles, and this works very well because the structure no longer appears in constructions. Ok

    Well when I launch the mission, there are always enemy tanks! and the strongest is that in my teams there should be only in enemy units that I changed teams and squads in well no! There is always the Russians who come in with tanks and units not selected as my enemies ... I breakdown there.

    In advance thank you.

    Edit: I have A2 1.08 only and warfare 2

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    Well, I restate my question more simply: is it possible to have only the infantry warfare mode or not?


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    Hi Carbone,

    I may have just the Warfare version you are looking for.

    It's based on my Warfare modification called Warface, thus it has the same ACE 1.09 requirement. The focus of this version is on infantry + light vehicle combat. US Airborne fighting the Russian VDV and Iraqi insurgents in between. Some other minor improvements compared to older Warface versions such as better embarkation and the use of transport choppers by AI.

    Download here at DevHeaven.

    Let me know how it works out for you. It's beta-ish but I playtested it myself quite a bit.

    Doomguy out.
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    Ok, thank for the reply.

    But since I have a little progress, (not without difficulty) and I've used addons and then configure all factions! Actually I changed everything in structures, teams, barracks, light and heavy and it's ok

    a+ thks.

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