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Thread: Warfare BE Neptune edition 073 on FR servers

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    Warfare BE Neptune edition 073 on FR servers

    There is several problems with edition or server settings.
    I need to say that first problem is big fps drop for players over 3-4 of game.Temporal solutions is make VD 500m for couple of seconds - but over couple of minutes it drops again.
    To avoid such problem I suggest give more supply.
    There is 4 level supply upgrade.There is also secondary problem most commanders didn't know more likely you never win without at least supply 2 upgrade.It is due to very slow grow of them.
    Considering both problems solution can be found in removing supply 1 and 2 upgrade and give speed of supply 2 from start.This is also decrease time of game.Last 2 games I play as commander we hold 90% of towns nether not able to fly using attack helicopters or upgrade supply.Win only by the fact position of our opponents was even worst.But game for all players already start lagging and many quit as unplayable.

    Second issue is balance between armored vehicles for east and west.If west and east team have equal amount of good players,east always wins.It is because building heavy factory for east side give T34 with HF0,t55,bmp2 with hf1.In same time
    west side only get stryker with HF0.M2A2 with HF1.
    I need to say there are multiple bugs with these vehicles in game give east side big advantage.T34 working with TAB,bmp2 have very high fire rate and radar abilities, T55 strong armor.From another side overturn stryker mean dead crew and vehicle and it is very weak to be in heavy factory ,m2a2 fire rate and armor are very low.
    Most game I play in west team losing even not able to build m1 tanks.

    Solution is very simple.If you build heavy factory you should be able to buy tanks.May be not HF0 - but at least HF1.

    There is small issue with spawn.m113 (!) for east side give you spawn in any place you want.Even with enemy standing next to it.It is also very cheap and fast.If you want to have such exploit vehicle on map it needed to be move to lf3 at least.

    4.Voting issue.Somehow needed to be changed.By default ai commander needed to be switched off.

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    Isn't this something you should bring up on their community page? They've not released their version here, nor upstreamed their changes in any way. What makes you think that posting on a seemingly random forum would result in changes to their personally edited mission then?

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    one useless thread more in this section.....get in contact with the Host is the better way.
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