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Thread: Hell in the Pacific MOD

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    can't wait for it to be released!

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    Great ! I guess i'll watch a couple of Clint Eastwood's movies again.

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    Does this "Iwo" island features holes and caves as the real one ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Bear View Post
    Does this "Iwo" island features holes and caves as the real one ?
    Good Qustion. I try reply on that one.

    We have custom made cave objects to use to build up some cavesystem. yes.

    But as for really making a good underground tunnelsystem that are placed under the terrain it becomes more tricky.
    We looking into that.
    What to do is lower the terrain then place " tunnel object into that, then put some kind of "roof" over that blends in with the terrain so it looks like terrain around it.
    The AI will not like this at all I belive, there pathway will not follow what we see.

    Best idea would be to modle the entier island in Maya or 3Dmax with all tunnel system in it and just make it as one HUGE BUNKER ISLAND. That is just what that island is, that is also the hard part an challange to make it good and fun to play with cave & tunnels.

    We will see, maby this all becomes just a big Epic fail.

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    I agree Mr. Pedersen...the only route it seems is to maybe keep the island's relatively "flatter" portion in Visitor, but create Mt. Surabachi as a huge bunker as you put it.

    I believe the max for Oxygen is a 50mx50mx50m sized cube if you will. You would then have to piece it all together, which wouldn't be too bad, due to the island being stationary. But it would definitely be time consuming.

    If reference pictures could be taken from all around the volcano part from sea level, then grab the approximate distances in width and height, then we could model it and place a tunnel/cave system within it with path LODs for the AI (supposedly :P)

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    Diggin the new shots guys! Keep up the stellar work.
    Invasion 1944 | Composer

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    This looks like an outstanding effort, I've been hoping for an LVT since OFP came out . Can I offer an observation, without being critical. The LVT 2 as shown in the screenies. The marines in the back If they where stood on the inner deck, would probably only have their heads showing. There was a sort of plank across the front portion of the cargo space, for the gunner to stand on. Having said that, appreciate I couldn't even attempt to make any sort of 3d model, and I'll take a fleet of the LVT's just as they are. Any plans to do an LVT (A) 1 or (A) 4 the turreted support versions ?
    Keep up the great work, very much appreciated

    P.S. OK I confess I have an. LVT. Fetish! This is one I built
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    Hi Nickmow,

    yes we are planning LVT (A) 1 and / or (A) 4 for the second phase of the mod.
    But first we are focussing on gameplay and basic/most common vehicles (Beta release) .
    Getting all variations of vehicles will require more time/work for our small developer crew,
    which will push back our Beta release date. So expect a beta release without the variations,
    and additional releases/patches will contain variation for most of the vehicles.

    Greetz Waxbutter
    3D Modeller / 2D Texture Artist / Sound Design / Configger


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    Thats great news Waxbutter, Im sure I can wait. Really appreciate the work that goes into a mod like this, thank you to all the team

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    Any news to bring this thread back to the front pages? Maybe a cheeky screenshot or two?

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