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Thread: Doolittle Anti-cheat System

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    Doolittle Anti-cheat System

    Hello, I've updated my old Arma DooACS to work with Arma2. This addon, only needed by servers, will boot any player if they try to connect to your server while running certain cheats. A message will be written to arma2server.RPT that says something like:
    DooACS: Doolittle (id=12345) caused a flagrant error!
    This means that user was caught cheating.

    Detects Da*, T*Mon, Lo*lost*k*, Bu*fas*, and Mor*gear

    You will also need Extended Eventhandlers found in CBA

    Old Arma1 Version:

    P.S. If you know of a .pbo hack that people are using, send me a PM with a link to it and I'll try to see if we can block it
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    DooACS - Arma2 anti-cheat to protect your server, feared by cheaters

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    Public FTP available, just check the FAQ.

    HMM........wonder what it is huh?

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    Always good to see The words Anti cheat
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    appreciated doolittle

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    Doesn't BattlEye stop cheaters?

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    Awesome. Great to see you back in the saddle, Doolittle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicke157 View Post
    Doesn't BattlEye stop cheaters?
    Sure does, but not all of em'. Wide range of A**wipes out there, who just don't wanna play honestly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taxman View Post
    Always good to see The words Anti cheat
    Yes it is. Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zipper5 View Post
    Awesome. Great to see you back in the saddle, Doolittle.
    +1 - We missed you Doolittle! w00t!

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    So the bat signal wasn't useless

    Even if I don't play online I'm glad for the others, thanks for your time, I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated

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