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Thread: WarFX : Blastcore

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    You would have to change the paa file for the tracer addon make a new color and then change the cfg
    so that the cfg is reading that color only if thats the only color you want.
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    Could you please send me a link for tool or tutorial? Please?

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    No tutorial I know of but for the tools you would need to open pbos :

    to open pbos:

    - TexView 2 - texture convertor and viewer

    Here is an example of what I did with loading screens:

    You will need to make a paa file and convert it to tga then to paa from there, there are programs for that one
    I was using was GIMP2 to convert the files.
    once you convert the files then the PAA file needs to be with the rest of the files, youll need to take the title of
    the paa file and add it to the cfg but if you want all but white tracers then change the cfg to all white.

    or you could just download the warfx tracers which i believe are white.

    I personally dont think its right to just hack into anothers work without their permission of course its just for yourself
    so it should be ok, but I think it would be best to ask OS the process to change the tracers to white as Blastcore
    if your using it is for OA and CO, not Arma2 like the warfx tracers are.

    Or maybe he can make a small addon with nothing but white tracers.
    Process shouldn't be to hard if you are really interested in doing it.

    The too how often do you see white tracers? And realistically I think tracer colors vary from country to country.

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    Thanks for the links, but i only have Arma 2 on steam, without those expansions.

    I could have done that to my self, looks easy, i already did some of those stuff before on other games. But first i had to check here.


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    OMG unbeliviable, i made my own white tracer with litle yellow in background, its remake of his version, i didn't copy his i just made it look similar, and now it won't open in Texview2 says error loading file, wtf? I should try it with photoshop.
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    If using GIMP and saving to .tga format: make sure upon saving RLE compression is disabled (is on by default, while saving a dialogue should ask for it).

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    Ya what myke said you need to use Gimp2 to convert the jpg or whatever other format your using and convert it to tga,
    then open the tga with the texviewer2 and convert the tga to paa, then from there change the cfg so that the cfg only reads the title of your paa file.

    To do that open the cfg and just replace the titles of the paa's in there with your title, save and repbo it.

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    Here's a good video to watch to get an idea what rockets look like.
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    Ive suffered a catastrophic loss of data. It seems the entire sound mod has been lost along with pretty much 95% of the rest of my work. I have backups containing the soundmod but these are pretty outdated, regaining the lost data has brought some of the work back but most of the recent stuff made has been destoryed. I estimate it to be alround 3 months ruined, so motivation at the moment is pretty much low.

    Sorry guys
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    Tragic! Sorry to hear this.
    (God damn bananas..... again)

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    Wow. That is just too bad. Sorry to hear that.

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