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Thread: WarFX : Blastcore

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    Muzzleflashes should still be on the Shilka and Tunguska. I edited the post about the light scripts where you have to put the location of the script in, i had mine in the mission folder.

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    one thing i found: Hellfire explosions are invisible at a distance of exactly 3500m+

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    as i said in my previous post
    I know you said you had removed some.
    meaning muzzleflashes.

    Update is great overall, Im really happy to see the artillary, and mortar impacs as well as ffars get impact dust/clouds to them,
    as in coop missions I play we use art, and mortar alot, so this is a Plus!
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    ah ok then i misunderstood you.
    Do you notice the invisible impatcs for 3500m+ aswell?

    get in an ULB and shoot a hellfire at a distance of more than 3500m meters

    didnt you say you were able to reduce particles for distance explosions? Maybe this could be a bug related to this

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    If the muzzle flashes ever come back, please use YouTube videos for reference. The BMP flashes being bigger than the vehicle itself were just ridiculous.

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    grats on release OS !

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    Thanks ! , great work.

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    thank you for making this mod
    *Pls, can you fix the Serverkey, it doesn't work online ?

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    Thanks for the update

    // fragOut Studio

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    Cheers for sticking with it, OS.

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