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Thread: Combined Operations not working

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    Combined Operations not working

    I am sorry if there is already a thread about this...i searched but couldn't find it.

    Whenever i try to play combined operations the command prompt pops up and this is the last thing it says.

    exit /B 0

    exit /B 1

    exit /B 2

    exit /B 3

    Is this the problem and if it is how do i fix it?

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    Sounds like a Steam problem to me. Do you use Dwardens script to combine Steam A2 and OA?

    If yes, please check his thread again and make sure you follow all steps required to make it work.

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    exist STEAM client app

    start the STEAM client via 'run as administrator'

    run once ARMA 2 before trying use the ARMA 2: Combined Operations mode

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    thanks its working now. When I ran A2 it wanted me to reinstall battleye and after i did that i could play Combined Operations.

    Thanks for all the help

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