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Thread: Bush Bad Santa - Replacement Config (A2/OA/CO)

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    Bush Bad Santa - Replacement Config (A2/OA/CO)



    A week till Christmas and we're up to our kilts in snow here in Scotland...

    In a desperate effort to get into the spirit of things I've updated my old Bad Santa RC to work with OA and Combined Ops installations, plus an extra bonus config designed to be used in conjunction with Raunhofers "Thirsk Winter" & KuiK's Winter Camo combo - more about that last one later...

    Whats in the download?
    There's a readymade modfolder you can use right away if you like... just drag the "@Bush_BadSanta" folder to your main Arma2 directory and add it to your shortcut/launcher... you know the drill...
    Theres also a Server Key folder - this is of interest only to Server Admins...
    The configs should be completely MP compatible and run clientside only...

    Inside the @Bush_BadSanta\Addons folder you'll find 3 files with matching .bisign files... heres what they are and what they do... decide on the ones you want, delete the ones you don't, put them in any modfolder you like... easy...

    This replaces all instances of the default Arma 2 Russian OPFORS with Bad Santas

    This does the same thing with the default Takistani Army soldiers

    ... if you have A2 and OA then you'll want to keep both these files, otherwise you can safely delete the one matching the game you don't have...

    This is a bonus replacement config specifically designed to be used with the following additional addons...

    The deeply awesome Winter Thirsk Island by Raunhofer

    Kuik's Winter Camos 1.1


    VanhA's Thirsk Coop Mission Pack

    What does it do?
    Basically - these config addons replace the normal models and names of the Default OPFORS with Bad Santas - in ALL missions you play... Spetznaz are, of course, Very Bad Santas... Colonel Aziz? well he reckons he's the Baddest Santa... Ever!
    This should work with most missions using the default units, so its an easy way to replay a few missions and show that Festive Fatboy exactly what you think of this years presents!
    Just a bit of non-serious fun for over the holidays...

    REMEMBER - you must have Sen Chi's Arma 2 Santa Pack loaded as well as this RC addon

    Download: Bush Bad Santa 2010
    Download From Armaholic (thanks as always, Foxhound!)

    ... and finally... if you have fun with this over Christmas (and after 4 days of turkey there's few things more genuinely satisfying - and entertaining - than dropping a fast-moving bearded fat man in a red suit at 500 meters with a single headshot ), then remember it was Sen Chi who made the models! - these are just configs...

    Sen Chi's Santa thread - much like Santa himself - is way past the last posting date , and therefore off-limits ... (can't have rules an' then not follow 'em, I guess)
    A weel... as they say in Scotland, as if it actually means something...

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

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    Dam always wanted to get back at Santa for not getting me some toys as kid. Thanks this will be loads of fun. Lol might replace some zombies with this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PROTOTYPE 001 View Post
    Dam always wanted to get back at Santa for not getting me some toys as kid.
    Same here, time for some kill Santa missions.
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    This is gold

    // fragOut Studio

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    Ha Ha bloody oath

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    Will he bomb my base with presents :’(

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    Thanks for informing us about your release

    Release frontpaged on the Armaholic homepage.

    Visit | Visit

    Public FTP available, just check the FAQ.

    HMM........wonder what it is huh?

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    Great! Santa are easily identifiable into forest green

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    Author of the Thread
    Quote Originally Posted by shezan74 View Post
    Great! Santa are easily identifiable into forest green
    Valid point as usual Shez!

    Yes... since this addon runs purely clientside - using it in an MP game without telling anyone might easily be considered "cheating"...
    Fat blokes in bright red suits are easy to spot...

    Hardly the Spirit of Christmas though, so of course nobody will actually use it to gain an advantage

    Sign & Key files are included - which is all thats required by Server Admins to "allow" the addon over Christmas - if they wish... otherwise their usual security sign&key checks should reject this addon just nicely...


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