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Thread: MBG Creationism

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    MBG Creationism

    MBG Creationism

    Download Beta 3


    Aloha everyone,
    I've started recreating a building system that lets you build nearly everything everywhere. It's a revive of an old project I did years ago.

    Basically this system allows you to build structures out of small segments and parts. Similar to LEGO®©™ (and whatnot...)

    The complete system is framed as a plug-in, so it can be used in any mission you like. It'll be also featured in a "survival" style mission, which will hopefully be released along with this addon.

    Anyways, here are some pictures detailing the menu in the foreground and in the background the structure shown in the video:

    As explaining how this works is rather difficult with Pictures and text only, I've made a video showing how it works and what you can do:

    Oh, and yes. The title of this addon is a spoof on a certain mission that was rather popular in ArmA1.


    -Added "reset snap-to" function for easier constructing
    -fixed sounds of doors/gates
    -Added concrete/wooden ramps and MASH Tent
    -added new "Support" object
    -fixed animation speed for the huge gate (100s -> 10s)

    Quick use guide:
    1. Open Editor
    2. Place player
    3. Place the "MBG_Creationism" Module (F7)
    4. Hit "preview"
    5. Done!

    Quick guide for MP:

    Use included Test-Mission or
    1. Place players
    2. Place "MBG_Creationism" Module (F7)
    3. Place "BIS Functions" Module (F7)
    4. Add respawn in Description.ext
    5. Put this into a "initJIPCompatible.sqf"
      _ok = _this execVM "\MBG_Creationism\scripts\init.sqf";
    6. Done!


    2-4 COOP Defend Creationism updated last 12th Dec, 18:00GMT
    Download mission
    Plus, NeoArmageddon asked me to include the latest version of his MP-Mission using Creationism. For play-testing both the addon and the mission.

    In lack of a briefing, here's what you do.
    When you start, hop into the truck and drive to any location you like. Once you reach it, deploy the truck and begin to fortify the truck and it's surrounding area, because you'll now have to defend against oncoming waves of enemies that will gain stronger and stronger with time.
    You earn money for killing enemies. Once 2h are passed you win and if your truck is destroyed, the mission is lost.
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    hey.. thats really nice!...

    release hopefully?...

    edit.. have this little guy..AHHHH...lol.. priceless.. great vid to.
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    Thats just awsome ! I wana play !
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    Not only bloody clever - but a funny video too!
    What more can a man ask for?

    Me like.
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    thats an incredible tool!

    I am definately looking forward to a release!
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    that's awesome. lol, i can't wait for this. great work!

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    Mondkalb: just got your msg, watched the video..... wow, you're turning A2 into Minecraft lol great!
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    Minecraft? Oh noes!

    The first version of this project is at least 1.5 years old (i.e the Door Segment which was made when I wrote my Addon-Tutorial).

    But yeh, minecraft kind of made me revive this.

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    That is truly cool!! and yes i also like your video

    Any other details for "survival" style mission? sounds interesting.

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    Awesome! I think my favourite quote is this "Isn't that magic? .....no it's not."

    You rock, dude!


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