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  • Stealthy SpecOp missions

    43 34.68%
  • Assault missions where an army gorup attacks an objective

    56 45.16%
  • Pilot missions

    21 16.94%
  • Vehicle crew missions

    9 7.26%
  • Counter insurgency missions

    32 25.81%
  • Others

    26 20.97%
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Thread: User mission requests!

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    Is there anything out there like Warfare BE but single player? Ive been playing it on LAN but the AI doesnt build anything they just walk everywhere even if I tell them to build tanks, helis ect. Are there any good SP warfare/sandbox missions similar to warfare BE? You know..start up build a base build some tanks.. build some heli's ..have a few companies of AI that sort of thing.
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    Ok I have been looking into this a little more and here is a few ideas.

    The map should be on Takistan because of the open buildings it would provide much more tactical and hide out advantages (suggested by Grunt).

    Max players should be 12 groups of 5 that is 60 in total.

    Spawn points are random.

    Food and Water would be nice to implement because after all it is a survial and scavenge mission (the need for food and Water will need to be determined to give best game play).

    Ammo and weapons are hard to find (would create much more careful playing).

    The aim of the game is to actually become the highest ranked team/Person ( a little like the stalker rank system but show team and individual player scores).

    Time is set to real.

    Mission starts early morning when light to help players get NV.

    There should be guns with torches.

    Fuel cans would be nice to have that way it would force players to preserve what fuel they have and all so adds another high priced trading item.

    Please feel free to add as you wish or criticise ANY of this.


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    I don't think it's been requested (I apologize if it has) but having just witnessed the beauty of Lingor, I think a single player campaign for that island would be awesome. Even some more multiplayer missions would be great too (aside from Evolution, which has been done already).

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    I'd like some true guerilla warfare, Afghanistan-style.

    No overrunning U.S. bases or wiping out patrols with frontal assault, but hit-and-run sniping or just plain harassment, where the objective is to cause a casualty or two, knock out a vehicle, but the focus is on staying alive.

    To accomplish this, the Americans would throw everything they had at you. Try to take shots from a ridgeline when every shot draws mortar fire down all over the place, and Apaches are droning on overhead. Or stalk a patrol as they walk through the green zone, then hide when the A-10s show up.

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    What he said ^^ but more convoy ambush missions would be awesome.

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    Are there any SP Fallout style missions? If not it'd be awesome if someone made one, preferably on the Jade Grove map.

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    You should check out "Grey Sky". its awesome and can be used with or without ACE.

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    I just had an idea for a MP mission. Sorry if this has already been suggested. How about:
    Two teams- opfor & blufor. One member of each team is selected as the vip. Both teams must protect their vip while also trying to take out the enemy vip. They both start at their own bases and move from there. Any takers?

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    Now I think it's time for me to request something . I would like to have some missions on Quesh-Kibrul with either the US vs Takistan, US vs Iran or US & Iran vs Takistan. Addons that would be needed to have is Iranian Forces (of course), Desert USMC Units- Desert Marpat Backpack, Quesh-Kibrul. Other requirements: ArmA2 + Operation Arrowhead. [COLOR="Silver"]

    Also some more missions with Rellikkis Chernarussian Red Army troops on both Chernarus, Utes and other forrest islands would be nice to see!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sweguy96 View Post
    Also some more missions with Rellikkis Chernarussian Red Army troops on both Chernarus, Utes and other forrest islands would be nice to see!
    I made the official demo mission for the Chernarussian Red Army troops a long time ago now, if you haven't already played it. You can get it here if you're interested.

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