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Thread: WW4 Default Weapons Replacement

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    Default Weapons Replacement for ww4mod 2.5

    This is my attempt to update WW4 Default Weapons Replacement made by Vultar for ww4 mod 2.5 version.

    Please inform me if you find any bugs.


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    Can you also add the version with the radio enabled?

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    What do I need to do to change out the standard MP5SD iron site with something better looking?

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    Updated ww4 2.5 mod Default weapons replacement as requsted.
    Includes Radio Enabled and ECP + WW4 mod 2.5 (also Radio Enabled) configs in Bonus folder

    Download link:

    Have fun, Icarus
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    Thank you very much, now it is perfect

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    How would you go about putting the M21 back in the correct "slot"?

    Our lan team uses the sniper rifle alot and they dislike the M40 sniper rifle, they want the M21 back. This would be for the Bonus ECP config file.

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    Do you want this Config file (using original M21) to be radio enabled?

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    If you want to do it, the answer is yes.

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    Updated download link above. M21 config included in Bonus Folder in Radio Enabled section.


    EDIT: ECP mod config file will get update tomorrow. :P
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    I don't think you updated the ECP Bonus Config file?

    Nevermind, didnt see the other folder...

    But I get an error when I try to set the ECP settings. Did you edit the ECP config file cause yours is much smaller in size than the ECP Config.

    I took a 2nd look, and it appears you just edited the WW4 config with radio enabled and the with the M21, NOT the ECP config.
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