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Thread: Installing OFP after AII:OA

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    Question Installing OFP after AII:OA

    Hi there,

    I just found a tough mission : installing and upgrading to v1.96 OFP after having installed ArmA II:OA on my PC. Actually OFP was first uninstalled to make some room for ArmA, however, I had to reinstall OFP again. Installing works fine to the point where you need to upgrade with the different patches.
    I always get errors messages telling me that some MPmissions or resistance missions have errors :

    File C:\Program Files\Codemasters\OperationFlashpoint\MPMISSIONS\1-12_D_FLAGFIGHT3.NOE.pbo: bad size: 150024 (old=150616, new=150024)



    Edit : I solved this issue by copiing Resistance files from a PC where it works ... not too bad
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    Sounds to me like your Resistance CD is damaged, or the drive is malfunctioning.
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