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Thread: TrueMods

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    Wink TrueMods

    Update #3


    Update #2


    TrueMods consists of two groups..

    1. TrueUser - Personal client-side addons that are safe for MP.
    2. TrueGameplay - Personal client-side addons that may be considered unsafe for MP. Idealy, this should be run by all players and server-side as well for fair MP since it alters gameplay (It can give the player both advantages and disadvantages depending on a persons opinion).

    TrueMods is..
    • Meant for A2:CO (A2+OA). If you don't own both, shame on you.
    • Compatible with ACE2 as I use that mod exclusively.
    • Was designed using "Very Small" GUI size, so it is strongly recommended to use that setting, but might work fine with others.

      For the best CQB/MOUT experience, use..
      1. TrueUser_Fov
      2. TrueGameplay_Animation_MovementSpeed
      3. TrueGameplay_Animation_TransitionSpeed
      4. ShackTac Movement addons

    Report Bugs

    Download (39.8 MB) (Mirrors Welcome)


    Quick List (With Pics)

    Full Descriptions



    Quick List

    Full Descriptions


    Special thanks to..

    BIS, Kju, & Dev-Heaven
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    Wow, I'm very impressed with the UI changes. Will definitely use these!

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    Nice release, this really adds a lot of atmosphere on top of the game itself.

    Especially the skybox bluer and nomountain

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    Thanks for this, gonna check these out

    // fragOut Studio

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    Thanks RG, finally the transition speeds addressed in a uniform manner without having to install ACE.

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    The GUI shot .....

    I prefer very small GUI too, adds a crisp pro look to things, this just about tops it off, fantastic work.

    Tried the movement addons, personally the speed of transitions and walking is a little like the animals speed and movement in arma2 not my cup of tea.
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    very needful and longwaiting job)
    thanx alot)

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    Great job Rg, thanks so much for releasing these mods. The GUI improvements alone are worth the price of admission!

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    Was a bit :/ when I read this, then I installed it! Brilliant work, I can confirm it looks good on "SMALL" interface size, no more ugly boxes showing ammo etc.


    When you have a smoke grenade selected it would be cool if it said


    Smoke GRENADE
    Red (In red text)

    Smoke Grenade
    Yellow (In Yellow Text)

    You get the idea... not sure if it's possible though.
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    Nice job, i'm going to be using this with ACE also

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