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Thread: AlternativA available in Store.bistudio.com

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    AlternativA available in Store.bistudio.com

    We are happy to announce availability of AlternativA

    in our own http://Store.bistudio.com/
    * digital download (non-physical copy)

    direct URL (subject to change when store transit is finished)


    game's website: http://www.centauriproduction.com/alternativa.php

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    I want to buy this game, but the BI store is a bit confusing. On the game page it says: "Steam download required! (This game is protected by Steam. The download will be handled through their infrastructure.)" All well and good, but when I add it to my basket, my basket says: "You have a NON-STEAM version of Alternativa in your basket!", yet there is no obvious way to change version. What am I doing wrong?

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    I am sorry for the inconvenience.
    Alternativa is a Steam version, the popup script that says "Non-Steam version" is broken in this case (We have people working on a fix right now).
    We are currently not offering non-Steam version of Alternativa, so you can go ahead and purchase the game - you have my assurances that you will receive a valid Steam code for it.
    (In case of problems with activating please send email to and feel free to link to this forum thread )
    Executive Producer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johny View Post
    We have people working on a fix right now
    And fix it they did, thank you very much!

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