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Thread: Lennard's WIP thread

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    Lennard's WIP thread

    Hey guys,

    I decided to make a specific thread for my WIP stuff.
    The purpose is to show you my WIP addons/projects and get feedback, rather than constantly post it in the general WIP stuff thread.
    Please keep requests out of this thread.

    First off the latest pic of my USMC OIF units.

    It's a "Light" Sniper.

    Click for high-res.

    For the people who wanna check out my work here's a list of my addons/addons with parts done by me
    CDF Huey reskin
    RACS Huey reskins
    Christians CH-47 pack (Retexes partly by me)
    Generation Kill MOD (Units+Weapons done by me)

    Arma 1:
    RACS Mechanized Brigade
    3 M249 versions
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    Looks good
    Respect ma authoritah!

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    i see nothing oO

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clawhammer View Post
    i see nothing oO
    "Simulations aren't about the destination, they are about the way there." - Metalcraze

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fox '09 View Post
    Should be fixed.

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    Sexy d00d.
    Click for mah PC specs!

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    Looks sweet, nice job.

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    Looking great! Can't wait to try them out!

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    HOT! I Like what i now see Great Work!

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    Very impressive

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