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Thread: Can't hear the sound

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    Can't hear the sound

    Hi guys,

    I wanted to change the sound of AK 74 i recorded the real sound of firing from video.
    I used THE WIN PBO, converted wav to ogg and created the pbo file with helpping of win pbo and at last i compresed the pbo file copied to Addons.
    But i can't hear the sound of firing it's mute and nothing.

    What am i doing wrong please someone help me i want the real sound.

    I changed the AK74fire.ogg

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    Is the sound mono or stereo ?

    Look here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ProfTournesol View Post
    Is the sound mono or stereo ?

    Look here.
    It's a Stereo sound.

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    Quote Originally Posted by d85 View Post
    It's a Stereo sound.
    So it should be mono for a weapon sound.

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