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Thread: ARMA 2:OA beta patch 75445

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex72 View Post
    BTW: Does the line in ARMA2OA.CFG "3D_Performance=93750;" have any meaning?
    Apparently no. From the BI wiki:

    "3D_Performance=93750 - written by engine each start, changing it manually has no effect!"

    Bumped into that while fixing a related start-up error message.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ulanthorn View Post
    Version is stable performance is good again.
    I noticed that most cars don't have destructable glass anymore.
    It is impossible to shoot out a window on most cars with small arms or even MGs, especially unarmored HMMWV.
    The windows also dont show any damage textures until shot with HE rounds.

    Checked with last 1.54 patch and it's the same there.

    Checked back with ArmA II 1.07 and all vehicles have Windows destructible by small arms, takes a mag of 5.56 there.
    This is a step back like with the since OA missing blast effect on tanks.
    I remeber that before 1.54 patch vehicle windows could be destroyed before the car began to burn in OA.
    Maybe it's a step towards bullet-proof glass for all those pilots; I know they've been wanting this for a while
    Probably needs some tweaking.

    Beta seems stable so far; although only tested a little. Will mess around some more and give feedback

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    My old savegames dont work with this patch!Is there a way to fix that?

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    thanks for the feeedback everyone, keep it coming ...

    we considering it release candidate for 1.55
    and thus it would be welcome if someone report any crashes etc., in case you get crashes ...
    to my email which is myforumnickname at ,
    i would need the arma2oa.bidmp arma2oa.mdmp arma2oa.rpt, thanks in advance

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    Stability seems good for me so far, but the issue with the choppers bouncing up and down is still present.

    // fragOut Studio

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    Patched our ACE2 server with 75445 and after loading mission the server kicks the client back to server list, client also using 75445.

    Reinstalled 74858 for the dedicated and clients and it's back to normal..

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    Had no problems joining (as first as admin), both server and client running latest. Currently just letting it play out in the background.
    I'm wondering if we will get MAAWS rocket models and workable UH-1H gunner views this time. MAAWS rockets disappear when put on ground (often impossible to find, depending on the surface I guess), and combined with backpack contents not being synchronized (AT Gunner sees Javelin, AT Asst sees MAAWS ammo), it makes the whole idea of a buddy AT Team unplayable.
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    Did i understand it right that this should be the last beta for the next patch?
    hope not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Himmelsfeuer View Post
    Did i understand it right that this should be the last beta for the next patch?
    hope not?
    Yeah, wouldn't be so good. At least the choppers should be fixed for the final patch.

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    well wouldnt be so good is said very nice in that case...this fix must be included.choppers are crashing non stop.

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