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Thread: W.I.P US C.L.S (Combat Logistics Support)Vehicle Pack

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    W.I.P US C.L.S (Combat Logistics Support)Vehicle Pack

    The F2F Has been working hard on introducing some Combat Log and support vehicles to the game.. our pack is actually in line with several others out, and also in a WIP status.... We hope to finish and deliver the following:

    M1070 H.E.T/M1000-Trailer- to remove battle damaged armor.

    M1025 HMMV/w M242 Bushmaster.

    RIM-116 Rolling airframe missile launcher.

    and a M104 Wolverine HEB..

    Well after several months this small project has ballooned into a major mod,
    it currently is incorporating (1) training Island, hinting around 20 vehicles, some structures and various odds and ends and lastly some modified scripts from throughout the community.

    Was asked to move these to the front page. so i will be adding them in the first few threads.....

    Ch53E super stallion:


    Sgt flyers Pimped out Lcac

    M104 Wolverine AVLB

    M1070 HET
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    M1070 H.E.T would be a very nice truck to have for convoy play

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    sweet, good luck w/ this!

    // fragOut Studio

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    really nice i love it ! but is it possible to make the bridge workable ?

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    we will see, it has alot of small movements, but we may have to use script and different models not sure how this is gonna go , all we can do is give it a go ...

    Gen purpose hangers for C-130 fleet

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    Wow, this is the best thing since sliced bread.
    Seriously, there's no limit on how much I am looking forward to this.
    Been wanting a HEMMTT for quite awhile now.

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    The bridge builder can be animated in a way that the 2 parts slide on top of eachother
    then at end, they both come level and together make one long bridge part

    Not like the Old Centurion bridge builder tank that takes the bridge strait in the air and drop it down, u see that thing from miles away lol old fashion

    No, the leopard 1A4 or better bridge builder tank in the Engineers section does the same
    Thing, i seen them in action, so the 2 parts slide on top of each other then klicks in way of saying together then it gets rolled fordward to be droped and used as bridge

    should be kinda easy, i hope it will be active soon

    And a Blade in front of it would be handy for airfield repairs so u can dozer crapp wrecks away from landing strip, remove roadblocks and things

    Good luck with it i'l be watching ya !
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