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Thread: MultiPlayer UI redesign feedback

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    Quote Originally Posted by -=seany=- View Post
    I like the changes.

    One issue that still bothers me that needs fixing with regard to the server browser is that when running with a 16:10 (1680x1050) aspect ratio the mouse pointer becomes out of sync with where the actual "click" is the further you move down the server list.

    So, I go to click the 10th server down the list with the mouse pointer, but it actually selects the 9th server in the list.

    If my explanation is too confusing I'll post a screen shot.
    any feedback on this interface bug?
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    Could we have a chat log in a corner ?


    The Mic icon is too much in center of the screen when you use the VOIP, could it be aligned to the canal display text ?

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