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Thread: The Unsung MOD (Vietnam War) Arma 2 Release

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    The Unsung MOD 2.0 Released


    The Unsung Vietnam War MOD is proud to announce our 2nd Release Candidate for Armed Assault 2. What started out as adding a few models and a bit of fine tuning, evolved into a behemoth expansion for our MOD.

    Included in this release you will find new small arms weapons that include: .357 Magnum, .38 Special, Sterling Mk 4, Sten Mk2, Sten (Silenced), Model 12 12 Gauge Trench Shotgun, (X)M-21 Sniper Rifle, Winchester Model 70 Sniper Rifle, Browning Automatic Rifle (“BAR”), M-1 Carbine, M-2 Carbine and XM-148.

    7 New aircraft have been added to the unsung air wing. The line-up includes: CH-34 Choctaw, CH-46, CH-47, CH-53 and OH-58 Kiowa. Also included in the download are the A-1J Skyraider and F-100 Super Sabre.

    We have increased the number of variations within the US Army forces that reflect real war appearances. The US Marine Corps were reworked to include the standard Marines, Marines that have different ruck sacks, Marines that include the ruck with entrenching tool and the 1969+ Marine uniforms. We are also introducing the Marine Force Recon troops for the first time in Armed Assault 2. The LRRPs and Special Forces have been reworked with added variations.

    Our eastern forces have been overhauled so that they include the standard local, regional and main force Viet Cong. Not to mention the unveiling of our new Dac Cong special forces units for the NVA . Also included are the Pre 1966 North Vietnamese Infantry that have the khaki colored uniforms along with the Post 1966 green uniforms.

    We have included additional MP and SP missions within the download.We are constantly expanding in this area so that the community can enjoy playing this Mod.

    Along with our initial map, Lowlands, we are including new maps which include: CSJ’s South East Asia (SEA) map, our Dong Ha map (built for MP playing), the Plei Trap River Valley and the Ia Drang River Valley.

    We hope you enjoy playing the MOD as much as we enjoy creating it. Remember to check out the unsung operational handbook (enclosed) it will give you in depth information regarding our Mod and a list of all content found in this release.

    From the team we would like to thank the community for their interest and support of our project over the years and all those who have contributed to bring this mod to life. A special thanks to our kids, wives, girlfriends, mistresses, mama-sans etc who put up with us spending all our time working on this project …

    Good luck out there… You are going to need it…

    The Team, Unsung Vietnam War MOD



    Part 1-
    Part 2-
    Part 3-
    Part 4-
    Part 5-

    Armed Assault Info -
    Six Updater Network-


    ******** Patch 1 Released 03-04-11 *********


    v2.1: 03/04/11

    - Added Missing miscellaneous addons from release 2.0
    - Added Missing Lowlands Island
    - Added Missing SP & MP files
    - Added server key for Multiplayer
    - Fixed missing objects errors on CSJ's S.E.A Island


    Armaholic -


    Visit for all the latest news regarding our mod

    Want to know more about the history of the Unsung?
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    Thanks a lot! Will test it immidiatly!

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    Thank you for the long awaited Release !!!!

    Hopefully your servers will perform well to make the community happy

    Thks again

    Cheers Neph

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    Gratz with release, but what about multiplayer server? I still remember to my bones how tense Jungle Fever mod was on OFP
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    nice job guys

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    download gives me an error opening the rar file

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    This is getting downloaded asap, love a bit of vietnam!

    TomatoArden, AKA Tomato, AKA ArmedAndDangerous

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    I get an error opening the file aswell, I guess the server is a bit overloaded.

    also creating some sounds.

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    Mirror @ (.7z repack)

    Havent come around testing yet (damn you Minecraft! ), but looking forward to some nice MP sessions with it!

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    Well Ive looked at the user guide and this definitely warrants me downloading, just from the weapons list, been waiting for something decent with a sterling a and Thompson in it.

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