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Thread: One carrier, multiple players

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    I don't think you should restrict the players to a Mantas or Walrus as an actual game feature. If we were to limit the amount of players in a game to five (for each team), then that means we've got a commander (perhaps selected by your method, or selected in the lobby by team vote) and four players. Then those four other players could alternate between the eight units at their own choice, depending on what they want to play or which unit is more useful at the time.

    There are times where having four players all in one unit type could be useful, or split them up so there's two in each.

    And if the team wants to nominate a Walrus/Manta commander, then they can do so, but there doesn't need to be any actual gameplay mechanic lableing them as such.

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    Yes, forcing a player to either have walrus's or to have manta's only would be a bad thing, like I said, divide the resources up between them equally so they can build up their own force without depleting the whole teams resources.

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    Yes, that is perhaps a good idea as well.
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    In real life, I much prefer the creative cooperation part of this fact.
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    BIS please do this.

    Having up to 8 vs. 8 battles on the whole map will be seriously awesome. Basically allow players to grab whatever free vehicle slot there is (and configure the vehicle to their liking perhaps)

    Starting from a mere PvP and ending with the ability to play coop on the whole map against AI it will really score the game some fat selling points.

    Or maybe several carriers per side which would've been pretty swell as well
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    Guess two years post-release aren't enough to make ArmA3 at least half as dumbed down.

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    I think that the Commander should configure the outfitting of the Mantas and Walruses as it is his/her attack plan the other players are going to follow, not to mention that there will be AI controlled (and therefore under the Commander's direct control) units. Players should simply jump into a vehicle they want to play with to either get the kills, repair points or other things.

    If Manta or Walrus players are free to customize their vehicles then what is the point of having a Carrier Commander?

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    Why not let the commander choose which vehicles are locked (commander remote controlled), assigned to a specific team member or free to grab and if the load out is customizable. One of the tasks of the commander would be to make sure that the soldiers have the appropriate weapons equipped and ready to use and taking preferences of the soldier into account might be a good idea anyway, but in certain situations might be too occupied doing something else and wants to delegate the (re)equipping process.

    Although with this much power to the commander role there should be a 'fun' game mode available without a designated commander.

    Besides the details, a coop mode would be great and the step to multiplayer team battle a logical and nice one.

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    Great ideas Turtle-guy

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    It obviously wouldn't be for everyone, but I'd like to see a multiplayer mode where all the players work together to pilot a carrier in various ways.

    Some people were disappointed that Star Trek Online didn't do this, seeing as it's sort of central to the shows. I can understand it wouldn't work for something they wanted to be a mainstream MMO, but I think Bohemia could be more daring here. Puzzle Pirates was a lot like how I'd like teamwork in a game where everyone's working on a ship to be like, though hopefully it would have less puzzles and more strategic action.

    Hope I got my idea across there, because I don't know enough about this game to apply the idea more directly.

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    People using up each others resources?

    A co-op mode is based on communication and trust. If you're playing with complete idiots you should find a team capable of cooperating.

    I know sharing a common goal and a pool of resources must be insanely daunting to some of you Call of Duty fans.
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    Keep this discussion going, I've been thinking about coop since my first launch. I'm glad everyone's basically got better idea's than I do.

    I was thinking, primarily to extend the Telemetry area in single player, was if you have a commander for the Carrier and add a destroyer unit... for the coop players.

    This is probably going to far from the original, but a destroyer with 1-2 Quad Guns and a bay for Mantas or this "Spy UAV" from the manual.

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