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Thread: ACE1.09 ru voices

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    Question ACE1.09 ru voices

    Hi guys
    i need help with change voices for OpFor in ACE 1.09 in my mission.
    What is done (from @ACE\Docs\Mission resources\ACE_FX_Voices_Russian\)
    1. h\CfgIdentities.hpp in mission folder with

    class CfgIdentities
    #include "h\CfgIdentities.hpp"
    in Description.ext
    2. _nul = ["east", "russian"] execVM "\ACE_FX_Voices_Russian\s\ace_select_side.sqf" ;
    in init.sqf
    No effect. plz help

    #Solved in Warface_v118a.Saralite
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