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Thread: Taviana Island for ArmA 2!

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    Well, looks like the leaves will have to go.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alkar Cammer View Post
    i am in no way trying to pressure you or rush you, but do you think you will have the beta released by August 24th?
    I certainly hope so, but I don’t want to promise anymore release dates because I always end up not meeting them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lightspeed_aust View Post
    On a side note Martin, given that you have created a tunnel, does this mean you can create caves?
    Well to some degree it is possible to make small caves which I will make later on but nothing too big.
    Quote Originally Posted by Double Doppler View Post
    Awesome map dude! Where exactly did you get the inspiration from to make a large city like this?
    When you live far away from your country you constantly look for ways to get back in some shape or form even if you can’t physically go back yet. So I decided to re-create Eastern Europe virtually, and I also want to bring things in to ArmA that aren’t there yet and to show people that the ArmA engine has much more potential then they think.

    As for the big city, I don’t really know what made me make it, probably because I'm from a big city myself and it reminds me of it, but I think that a great realistic simulator needs a great island with realistic cities, not only villages; I also love Eastern culture, architecture (and Soviet architecture) and most of all I love modelling and BIS games so I decided to stick all these feelings together and ended up with Taviana.

    Quote Originally Posted by Topas
    Will you perhaps be making some guarded parking spaces? you know -> a fence / a boom barrier / a small guardpost. That's how most of the parkings look like (well, at least here) and that's what I associate with such urban / block landscape.

    Just a suggestion
    Done already, beside government buildings and institutions, but not for civilian parking. I'll post some screenshots in a few days when I finish the parliament building.
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    Is there going to be a large harbor? Or at least relatively large?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alkar Cammer View Post
    Is there going to be a large harbor? Or at least relatively large?
    Yes there is but not in this beta because it will be all the way up in the North where the natural gas rigs will be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Martin- View Post
    Well, I thought that there won't be much to show on Taviana once I reach these final stages but it looks like there is always something to show on this island, so here we go again:


    If you've never been to a hospital in Eastern Europe count yourself lucky, most people die from fear in there. But the ones on Taviana are much friendlier.
    ROTFL! - at first... having been to a Black Sea resort & seen the scars left on survivors of even common operations like appendectomies or Caesarians by "surgeons" - many of whom must have been 'upgraded' plumbers, carpenters or abbatoir workers - I know pretty much what you mean.

    Seriously - I've been lurking in this thread for several months & I'm amazed by what you're doing here, and drooling with anticipation at getting my digits on this island

    Just don't die of exhaustion before you finish it (or even afterwards, come to think of it!).

    With great respect


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    do you think you could put up a picture it zoomed in at just the finished part of the map? hopefully also i'll be able to see where the airport is and the capital is exactly on the map. i'll understand though if you don't want to post it.

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    I hope the train tracks will be connected and will not have dead ends. Every train script I tried only works if the train can go in a loop, reverse isnt an option. It would be sad to have all those awesome trains you posted but not have them working because the tracks aren't connected.

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    Holy crap this is what im Trying (capital T) to aspire to! Looks great mate, really like the open town area, feels like you'd want to walk around the place as a civilian rather than a soldier. Nice stuff!

    Regards Jeza

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    Martin, this is one of the most thought out planned island I have seen thus far. Keep up the amazing work.

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    Smile Progress update

    What's up everyone?

    Someone in this thread asked me a few weeks ago if I will make a bridge that connects the main island with the smaller one and I said "No! I'm too lazy for that, forget it " but I couldn't do that to you guys so I made it anyway

    The only problem was that nobody ever made a bridge that big, so I had to come up with something and I did.

    I would like to you meet "Bratislav", based on the Great Belt bridge in Denmark it is the tallest, and longest suspension bridge in ArmA 2, stretching for 3km with towers standing proudly at 530 meters over the Taviana horizon:

    Most Germans (and Czechs) here should know where the real Rozvadov (Waidhaus) is

    And little video of the bridge for you:

    The capital and airport:

    For anyone who is wondering, the ships are from Gnat's Isolda Fleet addon and can be downloaded here:

    Having said all that, the entire South of the island is now done!

    This still needs to be done:

    • About 10 - 15 models in the capital
    • Tewak satellite and layer mask
    • Tweak the roads

    So I'm pretty confident that I can pull this off in 2 weeks and finally release
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    That is a very, very, very, very, very long bridge!! Hope there is a petrol station at either end!

    Very nice work - looking forward to this.
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