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Thread: Blender import / export plugins

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    Yea that's what I have been doing, it works fine

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    Exporter v0.3.11:
    * Compatibility with r37702 (2.58).

    Importer v0.2.7:
    * Compatibility with r37702 (2.58).

    Uses only standard releases, not tested with trunk builds.

    First post updated.

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    Anyone who has questions about using Blender, can join to skype group: Blender FAQ's.

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    I use Blender 2.58 with a very simple model.
    After exporting, in O2, the top view shows the left side of the model while the front view shows top the and the left view shows the front view of the model.

    Also the scale of the y axis is not right, it's way too small (it's not proportional to the others dimensions of the model).

    Any clue on how to fix this ? Thanks.

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    Florion, http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost....8&postcount=26
    P.S. This is not blender's help thread, use skype group.

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    Thanks Leopotam, left and front view in O2 are still inverted but proportions are good.

    That could be nice to quickly sum all the issues/answers in your first post, that would save -us and you- a lot of time reading hundreds of post/asking/answering/linking.

    Thanks again.

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    Strange, need time to test. May be, "usual" api change

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    All correct - blender coordinate system differs from O2 - blender's up-axis is "Z", O2's up-axis is "Y". Just use blender for modeling and forget about axies.
    Axies convertation when export (Blender -> O2):
    X -> X
    Y -> Z
    Z -> Y

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    Tested with 2.58a (r38019).

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    Tested with 2.59 (r39307).

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    Hi Leopotam, a lot of users said me that you should be an expert in modelling and animation making, that's why I'm bugging you .
    I just created a simple animation with Blender. With your plugins, I converted the blender file into .p3d , and then I tried to export it into O2. But it gives me an error, saying it can't load. Why? Should I attach to my anim the BIS skeleton?

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