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Thread: Blender import / export plugins

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    You forgot about fire/geometry/shadow for pilot/gunner/cargo/commander

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    Limitations added, first post updated. Thanks, BIS-es, for this: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthrea...-(e-g-Youtube) .

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    Exporter v0.3.13:
    * Compatibility with r45996 (2.63) (patch from Alwarren).

    Importer v0.2.10:
    * Compatibility with r45996 (2.63).

    First post updated.
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    Thank you very much for the fast update...

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    Just for info.
    Poly reducer with UV saving: http://www.ewocprojects.be/polyredux.html

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    Wow, can't believe I only just found this thread.

    Great work and very much appreciated. Look I've got tears of joy running down my cheek, either that or I have been staring at the blisteringly white O2 screen for too long.

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    Hello guys. Having problem importing to oxygen 2 . I have a model that I did using a mirror modifier, and also divided it ) in different parts.(objects)I guess is the right way to say it. they are (main body, wheels and door). i try selecting all the parts using the box selection like in the video tutorial and then exporting to pd3. problem is that when i open it on oxygen i only get one of the parts and half of the main body is missing (mirror modifier). Any body know what i may be doing wrong???, by the way great work! Should i model just using one object and no mirror modifier? FYI i was able to do it with the monkeys!
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    Does anybody know ???

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    1. collapse the modifier stack before export
    2. most of the time, in most 3d apps (i am not an avid blender user) mirror will invert the normals. Check if you have those normals inverted

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    If i remember correctly only the active object is beeing exported. So Maybe try making a backup and join all objects into one before exporting to p3d.

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