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Thread: USS Nimitz - WIP

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    USS Nimitz - WIP

    *THIS ADDON HAS BEEN RELEASED, you can find the latest version/release post HERE*

    I'll be keeping WIP shots and information in this thread for the USS Nimitz, so you guys can know what to expect.

    What is already done:
    • USS Nimitz carrier
    • Working catapults w/ animated jet blast deflectors
    • Working arrestor cables
    • Optional/available IFLOLS "meatball" landing aid when on approach
    • Large hangar bay
    • Working elevators
    • A few interior corridors
    • Rooms specifically for mission-makers to act as a briefing room and armory

    What is hoped to be included eventually (probably wont get around to all of them):
    • Working defense systems (Sea Sparrow, RAM, SRBOCs)
    • Areas for jets to rearm, refuel, and repair
    • Munitions storage room to get aircraft ammo from, along with weapons dolly
    • Some crane vehicle to remove wrecks/debris from the runway/flight deck
    • Davits to launch and retrieve CRRCs
    • Crash barricade to receive aircraft with broken arrestor hooks
    • Bridge interior with various functions (possibly: manual activation/deactivation of defensive turrets, view various cameras place around the ship, access to radar, etc)
    • Extra set of "prop" items for mission-makers to use, such as flight training markers, cargo items to fill the hangar bay with, etc.

    And a few notes(or "nots"):
    • The Nimitz will NOT be drivable, it will be a static base on the sea
    • It will work in ArmA II or Combined Ops (possibly OA alone, but it needs water)
    • I will NOT be modeling any more of an interior with rooms and hallways and such, as it would serve little purpose more than a 5-second "oh cool" factor when walking through
    • It will NOT have autopilot landing
    • There will NOT be any aircraft included with this, just a carrier

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    ALL WIP pictures can be found in an album HERE
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    Looks superb! Can we maybe see some pics of the plane-cargo on lower deck reachable via elevator?

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    In time When things are in a show-worthy state, and besides, need to keep ammo for future posts!

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    JDog this is looking very good mate!

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    hahaha, excellent to see some updates on this. I am really looking forward to this, and its really good to see your going for accuracy and attention to detail, just what I love!

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    very nice work on deck texture's JDog

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    Looks great, but I still have strange feeling that the deck is to bright...

    Either base texture needs to be darker or far more tire skids/oil/dirt are needed.

    But maybe it's only me, keep up the good work.
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    Nice job.
    I do all my mod'ing with Post/Pre processing effects turned OFF.
    You get a better idea what the true colour etc is like.

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    looks great keep up the hard work.
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