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View Poll Results: What are the most important sounds for you while using JSRS?

166. This poll is closed
  • The weapon sounds!

    27 16.27%
  • The vehicle sounds!

    4 2.41%
  • Environmental sounds!

    4 2.41%
  • Explosions, Soniccracks, Bullethits, the sound of danger!

    24 14.46%
  • The script features like the "distance sounds"!

    13 7.83%
  • Everything combined! The whole Mod itself is important.

    94 56.63%
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Thread: J.S.R.S. 1.5

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMike[Brig2010] View Post
    Uuups - thx for giving a hint!
    send greetings to DoNNeRBeRG

    Originally Posted by Maruk
    ....There are already many games that are simply Steam only but Bohemia Interactive so far tried to stay service agnostic as we did not like concept of enforcing our users in any direction....

    Last edited by Maruk; Feb 24 2011 at 15:48.

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    LJ thanks for your hardwork and Merry Christmas

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    Simply incredible - thanks LJ and a very merry christmas to you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sarge4267 View Post
    Thank you Jarhead..Merry Christmas!
    Have a good one

    and will it crash then or just not play distant sounds?
    And is there a sollution to this? (not having to put a(n)(empty) vehicle on the map every time)
    As LJ already said the distance scipt won´t start. Its simply an Engine limitation.
    I posted this before some people come complaining "This mod doesn´t work, I´ve put myself and a few bad guys in the editor and it just doesn´t work HEEELP ME"

    You should include a Warning in Red color in the first Post
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    Thank you so much LJ
    Wish you a marry Chistmas! ;D

    Vielen Dank für den geilsten Soundmod ever!
    Cheers B1n4ry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Horus View Post
    send greetings to DoNNeRBeRG

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    Maybe someone who already have it could try to upload it on http://www.multiupload.com ?

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    Yes please ... multiupload would be GREAT !

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    I can't seem to get any link that works?

    Anyone has a link for the DL that doesn't time out?

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    Who can please upload to www.multiupload.com
    MORE LINKS! Please!

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