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Thread: Intercept and destroy mission?

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    Intercept and destroy mission?

    Okay, so I am big on Jets in ArmA 2. I have ArmA 2 Combined Operations and I was hoping to used the airfield in the Takistan map to my advantage to create a scenario where F-14 Tomcats take off from the airfield to intercept MIGs. (I have mods from the Armaholic website that have these jets) The problem is, I have no idea how. If anyone could give me a hand, kudos to you I am trying to make a youtube video of some jet-vs-jet action.

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    If you just want them to take off you can just place the aircraft at the airport and the AI should taxi along the runway for takeoff with or without waypoint. Not sure if it works with modded aircraft but you can give it a try. If you want a delay from take off you can setfuel 0 and make a trigger for the fuel to be set to 1 given a certain condition. Or you could have the pilots start outside the aircraft and have them enter their aircraft given a certain condition after which the AI should taxi it to the runway and take off automatically. Aircraft may need to sit near/on the runway for the AI to taxi (not sure).

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