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Thread: Change Player ID

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    Change Player ID

    Hi there,

    How do you change the player ID in the profile?

    I have re-installed the game by clearing the registry, uninstalling the game and removing any folder names but it still remembers my previous player ID.

    How do you reset the player id so it is as the first time I installed the game?


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    As far as im aware it can't be done?
    Your player id is linked to the game install.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoltron_rulez View Post
    How do you change the player ID in the profile?
    Buy another copy of the game.
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    Player ID is a somewhat misleading term, because it doesn't actually identify the player, but the copy of the game. It's an unique product key.

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    Have you been Naughty ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taxman View Post
    Have you been Naughty ?
    That's what I was wondering?

    Why else would anyone care or want to change it?

    If so, then suffa!!

    Hackers not welcome!

    If not, explain why you want to change it.
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    Thanks for making me smile

    Anyone else smiling when reading this ? Care to share the story with us ? No ... thought so.
    I always liked this game for giving the server admins a possibility to uniquely identify a player. To go back on topic. I'm not aware of a way to change your player id as it is bound your copy of the game.

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    player ID is linked to game cd-key. Have fun with those servers that have you banned


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    Just taking a guess here.....Banned?


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    Is he talking about player ID as in a profile or the ID that is sent as a hash to the server?
    Is there a folder that holds profile ID in like Documents if that's his issue?

    The ID on the server Sig's/BE, and everything else is hacked by that "community" which we won't link to but everyone knows.

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