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Thread: Module: Visual House Positions

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    Module: Visual House Positions


    Cleaned up the hint box a bit by separating some values.
    Added two new action menu items:

    • Save Init Code - Copies to clipboard a preformatted line of code meant to be placed in the initialization of a unit/object
    • Save Buffer - Copies to clipboard ALL of the entries you have saved using Save Position and Save Init Code.
    Fixed minor bug when module unloaded.

    Added more info to hint box.
    Added action menu item so you can save your current position to the clipboard.
    Fixed the return index values of the house position (thanks callihn.)
    Works with Arma2/OA/CO.

    Attn: Mission Makers.

    (note: this video is from the first version)

    Self explanatory

    To Use:

    - Install gzl_vhp.pbo to your mods folder and add it to your launch shortcut.
    - While in editor, use the module function to drop a GZL: Visual House Positions module on the map. No need to sync.
    - Preview the mission.
    - Move near a house and the position markers will be created
    - The hint box displays:

    • Closest City/Town
    • Distance to the City/Town
    • Your current position ASL
    • House Object ID
    • House Model Name
    • Total number of positions in the house
    • Number of the position on which you are currently standing.
    While standing on the position you want, use the action menu to 'Save Position'. The information you see inthe hint box is then copied to the clipboard. Paste it into something before you save another position.

    When your mission is complete and/or ready to be distributed, remove the module from the map before packing it into a PBO.

    To use the info for placing units or weapons:

    • Place the unit or object on the map near the building in which you want to place it.
    • Preview the map and find your building position.
    • Use the action menu and select Save Init Code.
    • Suspend the preview and double click the unit you just placed.
    • Put your cursor in the Initialization box and hit ctrl-v on your keyboard.
    (Thanks to Das Attorney for noting that nearestObject takes the ID as an argument! Learn something new everyday. Check out his post on page 4 for some more usage suggestions.)

    Note: The preformatted code is the bare minimum. You may need to add some additional commands to set the object correctly such as doStop for units so they won't wander away. When using this code make sure your units are near the location you want to place them. Arma will complain about performance impact of searching by object ID over large distances (> 500m).

    Note: The buffer accumulates all saves until you suspend the map. You can mix 'Save Position' and 'Save Init Code' if you want. When you dump the buffer it clears itself. Unfortunately I don't know of a way to format data using the arma clipboard command without using an external program so you'll have to parse or cut and paste your selections out of the resulting text string. It's output from an array so it is at least a comma separated list.

    Hope someone finds it useful. Feedback and suggestions for improvements are always welcome.

    Download @ Armaholic
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    This sounds really useful, need to give this a shot someday

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    WOw bouncing balls inside buildings cool stuff dude !!!! donwloading

    nice , gona give it a shot

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    Very nice idea Grizzle... we do need more "simple" but useful addons like this so missionbuilding gets more and more stressless

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    I can't find a link to download it anywhere on this page.
    Oblig sig

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    Quote Originally Posted by Das Attorney View Post
    I can't find a link to download it anywhere on this page.
    Well fox uses his HaXx0R skilLZ

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    Quote Originally Posted by Das Attorney View Post
    I can't find a link to download it anywhere on this page.
    LOL oops.. it's there now.

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    Thank you very much.

    I've given this a quick whirl in the editor and it's really useful. I'm working on a mission at the moment (just for fun) in Zargabad and this will speed up working out which positions to place OPFOR forces in.

    A very elegant solution to the problem.

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    Good job mate think my enemy snipers will enjoy this

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    Wow, extremely useful. Thanks!
    (God damn bananas..... again)

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