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Thread: 3 Different IR Strobes, whats the difference?

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    I did a test where I spawned a IRStrobe and IR_Strobe_Marker. An Apache overhead did nothing. However when my guy threw an IR Strobe, the Apache went nuts, calling out enemy contact and targeting the strobe.

    So something about firing the strobe makes it targetable?

    This is strange to me as well. Not only will the AI call it out as a target, but you cant actually engage it. I have had 2 squad members toss each IR strobe, I flew in an A-10, F-35B, and AH-64, the A-10 and AH-64 were of the OA expansion, and the F-35B from ArmA 2. None of them could actually "lock" onto the IR strobes.
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    The following in initialisation - this addMagazine "IR_Strobe_Target"; - seems to be the best bet with ace2. I can turn it on, on me and when I throw it the flashing on me stops. When I pick it up off the ground, I have to turn if on again via the interaction menu [ace2].

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    IR strobes etc..

    I think there has been alot of fixes with ir strobes and similar things, so I don't know which are right and which are not. And maybe I am thinking of the wrong thing. so maybe someone can straighten this out for me.

    Are there any items that you, as a ground soldier ingame, can place on the battlefield that will serve as a target for aircraft?

    I thought that was what the strobes were for but i've never gotten it to work. Basically something like that. You can leave some type of "target me" item. You place it down and call an airstrike to target that item, then yo can just leave, knowing your aircraft will target that item.

    Mainly i want it for the opposite. I want to be able to place that item in position, then team switch to an aircraft flying around, and when I push "target" or "reveal target" my strobe or whatever will come up as my trget.

    Does it exist or or is it possible?


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    IR strobes, or Infra Red Strobes. Are basiclly flashing infra red lights. Since infra red isn't shwon to the naked eye you can only see it by looking at it with some kind of lance or camera eg Night Vision Google (NVG).
    Here is an experiment for an IR strobe, everyone can do it in their home. Take a remote controller look at the end point (the lamp) and press a button, do you see anything? no. Now open you phone camera look at the RC's lamp through the camera and press a button, Do you see the light now?
    This is IR.
    Now IR strobes used to designate targets just in video games as MW. Anybody with some NVG will see the srobe blinking. IR strobe is used to designeted friends from foes in night fightings.

    If you want to designate targets for airforce use the laser designator or GPS transponder. Or you can create the laser designator target so it will pop as the target for the air force.

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    i haven't testet that seneario myself, but you do have both marker strobe, and target strobe ingame, have you tried them both?

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    There are two kinds of strobes:

    • Positioning strobe
    • Target strobe

    The former is used to locate friendly infantry and the latter is used by aircraft to lock targets.

    IR Strobe                 IRStrobe              n/a
    IR Strobe Marker          IR_Strobe_Marker      n/a
    From the manual:

    Infrared Strobes – There are two kinds of strobes available, visible only in
    NVG: The Marker strobe and Target strobe. The Marker strobe blinks and is
    only practical as a position marker provided your opponent is not equipped
    with NVGs. The Target strobe can be targeted by vehicles and aircraft
    (machineguns, unguided rockets); it can be used for marking tagets at night.
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    That's what I was looking for. The Target strobe. I know what the IR strobe is, I was just using it as an example. I was looking for something that can be locked on.
    I remember trying to use them before but neither of them worked. That's why I wanted to make sure what I was looking for.

    ACE has a VIP IR strobe. What is the difference with that?

    The reason the laser designator won't work is because I will be in the aircraft. The AI won't use it, or really know how to use it. So if I target with it, then team switch to the aircraft, The AI will switch to weapon.

    I think i can get AI to drop the target strobe or at least i can switch to him and and drop it where i need it.

    Thanks alot

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    I have seen the AI use the laser designator before. Last time I checked the target strobe worked. I don't remember if they only used a hellfire on it though or if they used something else.
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    The Target Strobe can be locked on to by aircraft with laser guided weaponry.

    It is however, very very picky about when it works.

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    Ok guys, I've done some testing.

    1. It appears there are 3 classes for strobes:

    IR Strobe                 IRStrobe              (target strobe - not throwable)  
    IR Strobe Marker          IR_Strobe_Marker      (marker strobe - throwable)
    IR Strobe Target          IR_Strobe_Target      (target strobe - throwable)
    2. Only weapons that have NVGlock=1 seem to be able to lock them.
    Only missile I've found so far is the GBU-12 (LGB) launched from this aircraft:

    AV-8B (LGB)                       AV8B

    3. There seems to be a bug: both marker strobe and target strobe can be locked by aircraft (they both appear as Laser targets).

    4. Now I wonder why the manual says:

    The Target strobe can be targeted by vehicles and aircraft
    (machineguns, unguided rockets); it can be used for marking tagets at night.
    Machine guns can't lock anything! And if rockets are not guided then how will they acquire target?
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