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    Civilian Life

    In most of the premade scenario missions, there are civilians that live in towns, how do you do that in the editor?

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    Please use the search function. Here're a lot of threads with civilians modul questions. Maybe here.
    The civilians life is a modul you find in the mission editor (F7). Place it on the map and that's it.

    The other way is to place each civilian on the map and give him waypoints.

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    It still doesn't work, i don't even see 1 civilian in any towns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UrbanKnockOut View Post
    It still doesn't work, i don't even see 1 civilian in any towns.
    In operation arrowhead, there seems to be quite few civvies spawning when you use that module, try entering this into the modules init-line:

    BIS_alice_mainscope setvariable ["civilianCount","10"];
    (where 10 is the amount of civilians spawned for each household or something like that, you can try increasing/decreasing that number until you get what you want.

    also creating some sounds.

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