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Thread: Eye of the Typhoon

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    Eye of the Typhoon

    I am going insane!!!!!!! I have restarted this mission so many times. The AI sucks really bad using that Bradley.

    You start of and immediately get into a Bradely. You only have one crew member, I guess you are supposed to park it everywhere you go instead of having a real crew driving you around and then protecting you but no.

    Anyway no matter what position i am in I keep pushing the reveal target, or next target, or anything related to targeting and no one gives a rats behind. For example, I have a group of 5 enemies 20 feet or meters away from me and my gunner will not shoot. When I try giving them as a target nothing happens. I have to switch to gunner and shoot them myself.
    Another instance i got to play a game of chicken with a T32 in my Bradely. Both of us going straight at each other neither firing, me, constantly pushing the target button, nothing. We collide and I almost win, with the tank showing it's belly to me while it tries to go over me, but the when he comes down i got the end of his barel and he sent us all to hell.

    In this mission, I have to drive, because the AI won't they run into buildings or stop every 5 feet, then i have to switch to gunner because the gunner won't target anyone, Commander mode is only good for pointing where you wish your driver would go but thats it. If i am lucky and specifically have my tow launcher ready to go i can actually get the gunner to lock only if the t32 is not moving and is pointing at me but not firing. And if any Blufor gets in the way the gunner doesn't care, and fires the tow at them too.

    I can't get passed 4 minutes. I have tried playing with combat behaviour. I set them to danger, safe, aware, no change, and it makes no difference. Still stopping every 5 meters on safe and still not engaging when told to engage at will.

    Anyone else have any success with this?

    The AI seems particularly bad all together. Every mission i have been in situations where the enemy and me are 10 feet away from each other and may as well have tea. They will look at me, stand for a few second then turn away, never trying to fight me. I have super AI on and AI turned all the way up.

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    Well i have same problems with AI all the time. Try to turn off super AI...Maybe it will be a little better.

    Anyway i will give you some instructions how to complete this mission that could be great but it is just a stupid GTA type because of time limits for different objectives(hostages die, aziz escape, scuds launch)

    At the start jump in bradly as driver and just drive fast to the hostages. Dont attack enemies on the way, just drive...
    You can leave your squad in the bradly and clean the area yourself. I did it that way. At the top of mosque you will find hostages, they will be safe and sound if you are fast enough.

    Next objective... Again take the bradly as driver and drive to all scuds and destroy them... You don't need to attack enemies on the way because thats a waste of time... Be careful for any AT soldiers, those could be a problem...With some quick moves you can go pass them.

    When all scuds are eliminated you can just stop and wait for Aziz to escape - Mission ends. You will kill him in next, last mission.

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    The only reason i keep restarting the mission is because the Bradley is absolutely stupid. I swear, Again, today. I have a t32 20 feet away from me and I can't get a target lock. Once in a while after squirming around with my mouse, it will give me the box around the tanks with yellow "tank" around it. meaning that the bradley has no clue that it is enemy. Even when I get a lock with the square and circle around the tank, the gunner usually hits the ground before hitting the tank. It only hits the tank when it turns red.
    The GD tank has fired at me and my crew still do not see it as an enemy.

    Other times i look at an enemy soldier, He is the only thing on my screen, I click target/reveal target/ hold second mouse button, and i end up targetting some jack ass behind me that none of us can see.

    This mission is driving me crazy, just because i want to play it like it is suppose to be played. when i see someon and my crew sees them they should kill it.

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    I think I'm going to try just driving next time, the AI Commander and Gunner are pretty good, certainly better than the AI Driver.

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    I did it like this....

    1) Do not say you want to get the hostages and take Aziz.
    2) Call A mortar strike on Aziz's location...he should die.
    3) Attack the scuds.
    4) After those were blown got the option to rescue the hostages and I proceeded to do that.

    Skipped to the cutscene/credits (Misson 9)

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    Might want to spoiler tag that, Blackfox.

    I recommend being driver whenever you have tank(s) under your command. Anything else usually ends up in almost suicidal frustration.

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    I think the problem with bradley AI not shooting on your enemies lies in you not knowing how to control AI properly.
    Read the manual, play some training missions (especially those where you learn to control armored vehicles and crew).

    The vehicle commander says who will shoot, on what target, and with what weapon/ammo.
    Since you are the commander, you have to tell the AI what to do.
    If you select some target, then you have to order the AI to shoot (i think Ctrl+LeftMouse, not sure though, i have it redefined to different keys).
    Also do not forget to make the AI switch to appropriate weapon (i think it is 'Space' of 'F'), so you wouldn't engage tanks with machinegun (useless), etc.

    I order the AI to 'Engage at will', but i still prefer to assign the targets manually, because sometimes the AI choose to fire on some not-so-dangerous target instead on the enemy Tank.

    Also, i lowered the accuracy of enemy AI in the difficulty options to 0.4 - not for my sake, but for the sake of the friendly AI who were for some unknown reason too easy to slaughter (i had this problem with friendly AI dying too much in all the campaign missions).
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    Well i tried setting Ai to engange at will, no luck on that mission.

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    You have to be Gunner when entering Zargabad

    coz somewhere north of the Mosque, a T-72 will appear..
    Need to destroy it with TOW missile

    I'm lazy to play this mission
    Huge loss of FPS in town

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    Why don't you get in the gunner seat and control driver by giving him orders using arrow keys? Should be fine...

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