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    So I've been with the community ever since OFP was launched for PC way back in the day and I still don't know what Domination is. I've played OFP and ArmA online extensively, but not so much ArmA2 (just upgraded computer). I bought Arrowhead on the 29th and I'm getting back into the MP scene. What is Domination and... well any other popular game mode I might not know about? I'm familiar with the standard FPS games (TDM, CTF, etc), Warfare, CTI, and Evolution. That's about it. So what are all of these odd gamemodes I keep seeing? Thanks for helping out a vet.
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    Domination is Evolution, pretty much. Although more configurable in the lobby, random cities to take, and a bit more refined overall (note that I haven't played Evolution since ArmA1, so I might be wrong). Both Dom and Evo are similar enough to categorize them as the same type of mission though.

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    Alright cool. Any other gamemodes I should get familiar with?

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