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Thread: OA Pbo's for mapping

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synide View Post
    of course... A2 buldozer does not know how to deal with v49 ODOL/LODO models from the A2OA content you are adding to your map.
    However, you could rename your current Oxygen2 pointed to 'buldozer' to say 'buldozer.exe.0' and rename your 'P:\bin' folder to say 'P:\bin.0' and then copy the ArmA2OA.exe over to where Oxygen2 expects your buldozer.exe to live and rename it to buldozer.exe (better solution than altering the pathname in options).
    Then you'd extract your A2OA bin.pbo and copy it over to your P:\ drive.
    Now you should be able to launch buldozer to see your model/island. Same applies to V3. This works fine for O2 but haven't tried myself for V3. Sometimes the talking 'tween V3/O2 and buldozer.exe is out-of-order so to speak.
    I´ve copied arma2oa.exe, renamed it to buldozer, copied oa´s bin folder to P:\ drive, but as soon as buldozer launches, it crashes up.

    Undoing it and I can as usual load up my map.

    Could anybody make visitor3 it work acording to the solution above?

    Solved! Buldozer OA wont load without sat imagery loaded. Thanks guys!
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    I´m having problems running ConvertP3d.exe, to convert type 49 back to 48.

    Can someone help?

    ConvertP3d Error Report by rider.storm71, on Flickr

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    I haven't used this tool but I suspect you need to pass it a name of a P3D file?

    for example,

    convertp3d.exe -48 stone_wall.p3d

    If you want to batch convert all OA p3d's then you'll need Mikero's batch program -


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    Somehow I doubt the file you're trying to convert is called AnyOA.p3d

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    Same problem I have ..... need a batch file to go through the main directory and all subdirectories, finding all p3ds and converting each.
    Converting them 1 at a time I just can't bring myself to do .....

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    run from the same place as convertp3d.exe
    rem change OA v49 p3d Tag back to v48, so binarize can process them
    dir /b /S p:\ca\*.p3d >listdir.txt
    FOR /F "tokens=1* usebackq delims=" %%A in (listdir.txt) do (
    	convertp3d -48 "%%A"
    if errorlevel 1 goto err
    del listdir.txt
    exit /b 0
    echo failed at v49->v48
    exit /b 1

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    Awesome the-f, love your work !!

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    I'm still getting this message "The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect"

    Any help regarding this will be much appreciated.
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    ToraBora makes use of almost only OA objects. I converted all the OA objects (type 49 back to 48) to be able to see them in bulldozer. Furtermore i used the exe from OA, copied and renamed it to bulldozer and use it instead of the a2 one. Maybe this helps?

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