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Thread: deleted.oh2_air, oh2_weapons

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    deleted.oh2_air, oh2_weapons

    I cannot join a Multiplayer server, it's saying I'm missing these 2 addons;

    oh2_air, oh2_weapons
    anyone know what they are, because I can hardly join any server :/ Its an ace 2 server, and ive got ace 2 fully updated

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    those are missing ACE 2 files. You would probably need to redownload the mod. A quick google search for "oh2_air.pbo arma 2 missing" revealed that.

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    How many more times we have to say that the troubleshooting forum is not for ACE2 nor for any other 3rd party related problems?

    Moved to the MP forum where it belongs to.

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    You need to load ACEX_PLA which is a part of ACE.
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    ah right, i thought ACEX pla came with ACEX, obviously not. thank you!

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