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Thread: Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

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    GREAT island Ice. I just bought a new 1 gig video card and it was soo worth it. It looks great and runs great running it on all high and very high on a 47 inch monitor at 88% res. Pop an enviromental module on there and its heaven out of a vietnam movie. I second the request by RH. Monkeys in the pines at utes dosent fit. I also would like to offer a suggestion. Im not a zoologist by any means and im sure there are probably some birds that sing at night but I think if it were just the eerie noise of crickets alone it would feel more right. Also the sounds of the river are loud and sound like they belong more near a running stream in the mountains than a slow moving "amazon" type river. Love the monkeys tho

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    I have to agree, the water is surprisingly loud. Maybe a slower moving, quiter sound could be found to replace it? If not I would suggest making it just a bit quieter.

    Also, for the life of me I can't get past the first rock.
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    Haha I have the same problem I hear monkeys and strange noises
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    Same issue with Nikiforos and RH. Still an amazing island, the best out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobertHammer View Post
    IceBreakr - very nice island indeed ,but i got weird "bug" with your Lingor sounds - when i load Takistan i hear the sounds from Lingor jungle and screaming monkeys etc what the hell

    Can you fix it pls ?
    Jungle sounds also in Chernarus

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    Lingor definitely doesn't play very nicely with other maps. I just create a custom launcher for lingor and another launcher with everything else but lingor.

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    Awesome island, Icebreakr!

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    where is the riddle?

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    Rhodesy released Jungle SF units, a little explanation about that:
    Be advised that these units are not official Lingor ones, I'm doing those and I'm near the actual release. There are two sides:
    GAL (Government Army of Lingor) and ARL (Armadas Revolucionarias de Lingor). GAL will have regular troops, policemen, mercenary group Venator and specops. ARL will have rebels in various clothing, I'm also thinking adding druglord & his personal army.
    Lightspeed_aust: see the marker on main airport NE and start from there.

    Jungle sounds on other islands: yeah, don't run Lingor with other islands, Charon and I dunno how to fix that, but probably BIS needs to make variables that are locked on a single island. Its a sound mod and it works on all islands when you run Lingor.

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    WIP: Isla Abramia, Lingor, Tonal Legend, Isla Balkania, Keystone, Jade Groove 3, Ibis World, Rowalla.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IceBreakr View Post
    Jungle sounds on other islands: yeah, don't run Lingor with other islands,
    Wasn't there a similar issue with Namalsk, Sumrak had a solution or Hotfix "Namalsk ambients sounds are now played only on Namalsk (local settings)"

    Maybe he can help? otherwise Island is cool but i cant live with jungle sounds on other maps

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