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Thread: Kendo's 42 Royal Marines Commando & Green troop, 1st Bat, Para Regt Missions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tesseract View Post
    Kendos_Dynamic_CTI.rar. People have asked for some of your old missions a few times, eg. Dynamic CWC or Air Mobility, so if you still have them please re-upload them.
    You are a mother freaking legend!!! Thanks so much. NOW... I am am struggling with the difference in syntax between OFP and ARMA.

    All I want is to copy the basic insertion and extraction scripting. Then i am going to make an all new freindly and enemy spawn script to make a senario where you are a special forces doing individual missions while a war with small to large engagements is being faought around you. but that is a topic for Arma forums.

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    you are a motherflipping legend... thanks Tesseract!!!

    Now I have to struggle with cnverting some of the synatax from OFP to ArmA! arrg

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    So no chance of seeing your old british missions?

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    Sorry dude. I have no idea where they might be. unless someone can resurrect the OFPEC links, but as far as I know they dont work.

    But OFPEC has not been playing ball with me lately.

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