View Full Version : Anyone up for clubbing together for a mod-friendly server?

Sep 5 2009, 20:13
How many people would be interested in forming up to chip in to the cost of having a dedicated server (or servers), specifically aimed at mod-using. We would need to think of a way of improving the funding side, as it's unlikely people would be willing to pay just so others can come in for free.

On a side note (and most of what's to come is just thinking aloud so to speak), I want to question the feasibility of an idea i've had for a way of stabilising the server against mods.
Now, I know little about the coding side of the game, so this might sound ridiculous for those in-the-know. But i've seen people do amazing things with mods and launchers in the past, so here it goes. Would it be possible to devise a launcher for this specific server, that you need to launch the game from in order to play on it? The launcher would transmit a list of mods on the client PC to a corresponding program running on the server. The server admins would have to keep a list of all current mods available and prioritise them with the ones most likely to cause issues towards the top, and those of least concern towards the bottom. Now, could you not just have the server simply reject any illegal mod activity that could cause a crash? (This is where my limited knowledge really spikes btw.) Like, couldn't the program form a shell that simply ignores mods that affect the server in an unacceptable manner? This is probably impossible, but it could inspire someone who hasn't thought of this yet.

If all else fails, you could just keep the server locked to those that don't have the mods the server is currently running, which is where the transmission of a mod list would be important. The mods the server would run could be pre-agreed on a forum, which would enhance community aspects as well.

Tell me what you think.

Also i realise this isn't technically discussing a mod, so could be seen as being in the wrong forum, but it is directly associated with mods, and will draw the correct audience in here, so please leave it where it is if you don't mind.

Sep 5 2009, 20:15
i am in ive been tryna find start one my self

Sep 5 2009, 20:17
Same here. I've been trying to play with a good group who enjoys tactical co-op's, not domination...

Sep 5 2009, 20:21
i believe u can allow certain mods and keep the others blocked so no one has illegal mods ti crash server

Sep 5 2009, 20:26
Yes you can it's called signature checks, the server administrator, or whoever has FTP access uploads the mods BIKEYS, and enables Signature Checks, so if you run that addon with the BISIGN and the server allows it, you'll be let in.

Sep 5 2009, 20:34
well if anyone wanted to start a Addon server contact me at MSN Hbowen2965@<hidden>,skype and steam at Hboybowen

Sep 5 2009, 20:53
I was thinking along the lines of something less clinical about choosing who can play with what mods. Perhaps a system where the server runs with a set array of mods, and anyone joining the server with the launcher i mentioned can choose to have the mods they don't have uploaded to their computer automatically. Would it not be possible to let people with disallowed mods join, but simply prevent the mods working? So they can still join, but they receive a notification that the mods were disabled.