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Jun 18 2009, 19:34
This is a new game and as such will attract a new player and most probably anyone that has played a FPS that wants to try something different. Well in other FPS's the aim of the game is to run, bunny hop and kill as quickly as possible and tk is meant to be fun.

We already saw this on the release of the German version but in a small scale but it can really ruin a server, I suggest that servers have admins at all times ready to perm ban the kiddies that wish to 'test out tking skills' in game.

The BF2 crowd will be all over this because it looks nice, also the CS crowd will jump on baord hoping to get some CS type action out of it... we know it doesn't exist so in a week or 2 they should get bored and go back to their BF type games give us the occasional appearnce to test the admins.

I do suggest that TKing at any base or spawn gets a perm ban from your server as they will not learn and come back as 'it seems like fun'.

Good luck to server admins and players, please keep your cool and continue to try and play whatever mission you are on without retaliating.


Jun 18 2009, 19:38
We should make like a 50 vs. 50 battle of regular Arma players and BF2/CS or any other regular FPS players. It'll be funn!

Jun 18 2009, 19:39
Slaughter I think you will find. :D

Jun 18 2009, 19:42
Moving to MP.

Jun 18 2009, 19:50
kids came to ArmA1. kids will come to ArmA2. Good news, kids get bored easy and soon leave.

Has the same solution as cheaters. Play with people you know, end of story.

edit: but that "week or two" you speak of, is more likely to be 9 months.

Jun 18 2009, 19:51
Slaughter I think you will find. :D

Indeed young grasshopper.
It's just something that you really want to prove to bastards like them...
Heh, it's funny to me to say that since I'm a heavy FPS player. Standart FPS player. I don't TK but... I've been looking for a game like this since PR stopped working. Yeah, I'm on your side now!